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Fort Walton Beach, FL

Monday - Friday
8:57 AM to 5:03PM
Page last updated April 8, 2014
Goodbye From Audio... Syncrazy.

We will be closing and returning  to our home planet April 30th.

The April "Crazy-Sales"
Stop by to say goodbye and get a good buy

Starting Tuesday March 25 till they are gone: Akai Keyboard Chord computer/ finder FREE

Starting Tuesday April 1 till April 30 (while quantities last):
All mic, instrument, and audio cables (any length or type)
only $3.99 each
All speaker cables (any length or type)
$5.99 each
All adapters $1.00 each (any type)
All Stagg brand snakes
$7.99 each (any length or type)

Starting Tuesday April April 8 till April 30 (while quantities last):
All electric guitar strings only
$2.99 per set
All coated electric guitar strings $4.99 per set
All acoustic strings $3.99 per set
All coated acoustic strings $5.99 per set
Famous 351 4 String Bass Sets $5.00 each set
All other 4 string bass sets $11.99 each
All 5 string bass sets $14.99 each
All 6 string bass sets $18.99 each
All 12 string bass sets You've got to be kidding

Starting Tuesday April 15 till April 30 (while quantities last):
Store-wide sales on all items that remain - ridiculous prices

All day Tuesday April 22 8:57AM to 5:03PM (while John lasts):
Come by for the farewell. Champagne, beer etc will be served. For better prices come later in the day after John has had a few. Try to make it before he passes out completely!